Commitment to public interest

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A commitment to public service, or the public interest, is a

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Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP)

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Public Interest Commitment Dispute Resolution Procedure (PICDRP)

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Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

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Commitment to the public interest is thus harnessed as a defence of the public service’s independence in the face of other claimants to represent the community. "Public interest organizations and social justice organizations that hire attorneys are looking for students who have demonstrated commitment to social justice or public interest work and who have.

Report of the Equity Advisory Committee of the Law Society of Upper Canada to the Canadian Bar Association Inquiry into Racial Equality in the Legal Profession. The PICDRP addresses complaints that a Registry may not be complying with the Public Interest Commitment(s) in Specification 11 of their Registry Agreement.

All covered employees are required to comply with this policy and the Procedures, Applications, and Guidance established for disclosure, approval, and management of conflicts of interest and commitment.

The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program was established in by family and friends of Arthur Liman to honor his commitment to public interest law. A nationally known and highly respected attorney and partner in the firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Liman also served in a wide range of public service positions.

Public Interest Commitment Commitment to public interest
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