Definition of public relation

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Public relations

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Abbr. PR 1. (used with a sing. verb) The art or science of establishing and promoting a favorable relationship with the public.

2. (used with a pl. verb) The methods and activities employed to establish and promote a favorable relationship with the public. 3.


(used with a sing. or pl.

How Public Relations Works

verb) The degree of success obtained in. 49 njr 8(1) august 7, filed july 17, health public health services branch division of consumer, environmental and occupational health. adjective. Law. of or relating to the relation between a fiduciary and his or her principal: a fiduciary capacity; a fiduciary duty.

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of, based on, or in the nature of trust and confidence, as in public affairs: a fiduciary obligation of government employees. depending on public confidence for value or currency, as fiat money. There will not be a decision announced on scheduling of alkyl nitrites on 29 November Further public consultation will be undertaken.

Globally, some homicides occur each year and millions of people suffer violence-related injuries. Beyond death and injury, exposure to violence can increase the risk of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse; mental illness and suicidality; chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer; infectious diseases such as HIV, and social problems such as crime and further violence.

5: a piece of land subject to common use: such as. a: undivided land used especially for pasture. b: a public open area in a municipality A food and jazz festival will be held at the town common.

Definition of public relation
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