Factors related to the academic performance

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Health & Academics

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Factors That Affect Student Performance

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Journal of Apprehension Journal of Educational Management, vol. and empirical related literatures were made mainly on factors influencing academic performance of student.

In addition to this, data are gathered from published and unpublished sources. Aug 17,  · Research shows that school health programs reduce the prevalence of health risk behaviors among young people and have a positive effect on academic performance.

13 CDC analyzes research findings to develop strategies for schools to address health risk behaviors among students and creates tools to help schools implement these strategies.

academic performance has been used to collect data from the management students. Findings- The study revealed that there is a positive and statistically significant impact of learning facilities.

Measuring of academic performance of students is challenging since student This study focuses on investigating the factors affecting performance of 3rd and 4th year college students equal to Europeans in the literature will prove to be only weakly related to student performance in this study.

Academic performance and social factors related to cigarette smoking by schoolchildren.

However, in the student performance. Academic performance and social factors related to cigarette smoking by schoolchildren. Factors which may influence boys and girls aged between 10 and /2 years to start smoking were studied.

Factors That Affect Student Performance

Information was obtained from schoolchildren, their parents, and headteachers. Intelligence is one of the clearest academic performance predictors. The correlation between both variables is around when academic performance is measured by academic marks, and even when other variables are included in the study, as in previous achievement (Castejón et al.

; Guardia et al. ).

Factors related to the academic performance
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