Motivation in public sector

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4 WHY MOTIVATION MATTERS IN PUBLIC SECTOR INNOVATION EXECUTIVE SUMMARY T here is a clear imperative to innovate in the public sector. Yet how to harness the motivation of public servants to innovate has been. Motivation in the Public Sector Gerardo Martinez California State University, Long Beach Motivation in the Public Sector The topic that I have selected to write about is in regards to creating and maintaining employee motivation in the public sector.

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I wish to explore the topic and investigate the existing problems, theories, applications, trade-offs and ideas for different types of motivational strategies. Public-Sector Work Motivation: A Review of the Current Literature and a Revised Conceptual Model Bradley E. Wright University at Albany-SUNY ABSTRACT.

In order to keep public sector employees engaged, it is best to focus on intrinsic rewards and motivation. Public sector workers oftentimes do not choose their careers for the extrinsic benefits, thereby rather choosing to focus on.

3 measuring performance within the public sector is more complicated than it is in the private sector for the following reasons4: 1) There is not always a perfectly identified output. In order to keep public sector employees engaged, it is best to focus on intrinsic rewards and motivation. Public sector workers oftentimes do not choose their careers for the extrinsic benefits, thereby rather choosing to focus on public good and championing for change.

Motivation in public sector
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