Private school should receive public funding

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Funding Catholic schools adequately won't deprive public schools

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Tehan threatens to withhold school funding if new education deal not signed

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Private schools do not deserve a cent from our public funds

Watch video · What I'm saying is, through tax credits, through scholarships and vouchers, through charter schools, homeschools, traditional public schools, we need to put all options on the table.

Jan 19,  · Non-public schools have an opportunity to receive funds through the newly effective Illinois “Invest in Kids” Act. The Act offers an innovative way for qualified Illinois private schools to receive additional funding, for supporters of these schools to claim an income tax credit against their tax liability, and for Illinois students to receive scholarships.

Given this outcome, why should the private schools receive further government funding? Before answering, let's look at a questionable supposition and the two common unstated reasons for public.

By Janet Keeping. Private schools in Alberta receive 70% of the per-pupil grant given to public schools in the province. The Alberta School Board Association (ASBA) recently called for the end of this public funding to private schools. Elite private schools in Alberta receive 70% of the per-student funding as public schools, by far the highest subsidy rate in the country.

Situations like this prove why they should. Public schools only receive their money from the government while private schools get thousands of dollars from the parents as well money from the government.

There was a report by the government saying that they need to invest 5 billion dollars on to the school funding system.

Private school should receive public funding
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