Public relations how to write a fact sheet

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How to write a fact sheet

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Tips for School Administrators (and Other School Professionals)

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Fact Sheets

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Nov 07,  · A fact sheet is an important, at-a-glance tool used in public relations to provide an overall view of your business. Though fact sheets can stand alone, they are more commonly used to supplement a news release, anchor.

However, the fact sheet is not meant for publication. The headings of a fact sheet vary; the creator of the document chooses how to categorize major information.

How To: Create a Fact Sheet

The most common type of fact sheet is the organizational profile, which gives basic information about an organization. A fact sheet seems like the easiest thing in the world to write.

Numbers. Lots of numbers.

18+ Fact Sheet Examples & Samples

Then you highlight them all and click on the little icon in Word to make them into a series of bullets. Fact sheets are meant to inform, so the natural structure is journalism's inverted pyramid: most important to least important.

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Public relations how to write a fact sheet
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