State budget cuts affecting quality public higher education

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The devastating impact in the state that’s cut higher education the most

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Funding Down, Tuition Up

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Funding Down, Tuition Up

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Data Protection Choices

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The recent state budget cuts have thus had a disproportionate effect on the education of students. Quality and Reputation.

An Update on State Budget Cuts

Because administrators do not like to talk publicly about the negative effects of budget cuts, many people outside the university do not realize how much damage these cuts are causing. Louisiana State University students march on the state capitol in December to protest cuts to the higher-education budget.

Photo: Travis Spradling Louisiana’s historically black universities are reeling, because of both cuts in funding and higher admission standards imposed by the state.

Reynolds pointed to past administrations that made deeper cuts to public education, citing Democratic Gov.

Governor Defends Higher Ed Budget Cuts

Chet Culver's decision to cut state funding by 10 percent across the board during the. The Texas Senate unanimously approved a two-year budget on Tuesday that would shift nearly $2 billion in public education costs from the state to local taxpayers.

cuts to higher education, and. The Advocate noted that while every state made cuts to education spending following the recession, most have begun returning those funds as the economy improves.

However, Louisiana, which led the country in higher education funding cuts, has not restored any funding. English November 6th, The effects of budget cuts on Philadelphia public education Impacts on the inadequate funding on the quality of education Since last spring, Philadelphia school district leaders have been sounding the alarm about this year’s fiscal budget.

State budget cuts affecting quality public higher education
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An Update on State Budget Cuts | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities