Sumerian writing activity for 5th

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Early Civilizations

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Carve a Cuneiform Cylinder Seal

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A complete, engaging, imaginative, creative writing or Big Writing stimuli lesson that can be applied to many different writing genres. Children view PowerPoint then discuss ideas and plan by answering the thought provoking questions which enable a wealth of ideas to be generated for the writing.

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A directed writing activity will be assigned. The students will be graded on writing skills, and the appropriateness, and content of their work. Student Outcome: Mesopotamia #5 The Student will be able to: Use organization skills to clean out, and set up their notebooks. Write a short essay, inspired by this juxtaposition, comparing and contrasting aspects of our own urban civilization with the cultural achievements of ancient Mesopotamia.

Support your response with evidence from both the reading and the featured object. the writing from Mesopotamia is on small clay tablets.

Damp clay was formed into a flat tablet, which could be held in one hand. The writer pressed a stylus made from reed, religious activity where priests and priestesses served a particular god or goddess. People. Writing. Sumerian writing is the oldest full-fledged writing that archaeologists have discovered.

The Ubaidians may have introduced the Sumerians to the rudiments of writing and numerical calculation, which the Sumerians used for calculating and to keep records of supplies and goods exchanged.

The Sumerians wrote by pressing picture.

Sumerian writing activity for 5th
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